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About Us

I am based in the heart of The Scottish Borders, where I live with my husband, two young boys, cat (Freddie who is the resident mouser in chief), dog (Floki, who loves chasing the pheasants way), more chickens than I can count, who are under the watchful eye of Hagrid (number one gentle giant of a cockerel).

I gain inspiration from the fabulous Scottish countryside, our wee farmhouse and workshop on the hill and the mischievous nature of our boys – this is great for igniting that creative spark.

I like to make things that have a little bit of me in them, combining this with skills my husband and grandparents have taught me, to produce items that are fresh, individual and quirky. I like to use a mixture of materials using combinations of recycled, new, vintage and up-cycled materials to produce my finished designs.

I hope you enjoy having a look at what I do.

The Birch Hen